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Today’s population spends much of their time in transit, highly exposed to out-of-home advertising. Among the key benefits of our video-board network in Germany’s Schwabenland (including Messe Stuttgart and Stuttgart Airport) is the cost-effective and impactful targeting of this increasingly mobile population.
Studies and statistics show that people’s behaviour has changed significantly over the last 15 years. One consumer survey showed, 23% of 18-34s search while on the street; 26% search while travelling on a bus/train/car; and 26% shop while on their mobile.

Mediaboard Airport Stuttgart It was 20 years ago, though, that we at NovaLux recognised that digital out-of-home media (DOOH) would become the most effective communication tool for advertisers, specifically large-dimension video boards installed in strategic locations. We installed our first video boards in the 90’s, in Frankfurt, Mannheim und Stuttgart, knowing that it was the right path for us.

Our many years of experience as a single-source provider of innovative outdoor video advertising have earned us the trust of many local, national and international businesses. No other advertising medium is as flexible and adaptable as our exclusively-located, high-visibility video boards. They impactfully deliver business’, advertisers’ and top agencies’ messages to their modern and mobile target audience.

Mediaboard Messe StuttgartCustomer-oriented service and innovation are the cornerstones of our business as providers of impactful out-of-home marketing concepts and campaign execution for our customers and their agency partners.